User Onboarding Toolkit

Framework for building first-time user experiences


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Everything you need to create an effective onboarding experience from scratch

Video course

The 7-lesson comprehensive video course to help you go from zero to onboarding pro

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Handbook to help you collect and visualize data for your user onboarding experience

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Customer journey map

Discover and map multiple touchpoints on your users product journey


Crafted by Onboarding Pro

Based on time-tested techniques from over 400 products

User onboarding is pivotal for software products. On the Internet and especially in SaaS, users come to products with expectation of immediate value. 

I've learned this the hard way when building my first SaaS product. Since 2012 I've worked with over 400 products to help improve user activation rates through better user onboarding.

This toolkit is a culmination of a 5-year exercise in building user onboarding experiences.

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